TV Personality

Alan has photographed me and my two children on numerous occasions, not only does he manage to make me look much better than in real life but he has also captured both my children perfectly, portraying their individual characters in a very natural way.

I am just waiting for the next opportunity to work with him again!
Anna Ryder Richardson


Alan Peebles is a man who can paint with light without lamps.

Irrespective of the time, the situation and the limitations that mainstream drama can put upon a visual artist, Alan is always able to capture the visual elements that dramatise a Genre!!

And do you know what? I'm never out of focus!!

Robson Green

Alan is the only person who has taken a photograph of me which I am happy to inflict on people!
Bill Paterson

I loved working with Alan, he was very relaxed and down to earth and as well as having his own, was open to every one of my ideas also.

I would definitely recommend him if you want to work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and who you can be yourself with - and the photos were great!
Craig Hill
Publicist for ITV/BBC/C4

Alan Peebles has worked for me on a variety of projects from costume drama to comedy drama in the remote Highlands.
From dealing with difficult actresses in Lithuania to becoming good friends with Robson Green [who now always asks for him], he is a great photographer to work with in terms of temperament, attitude and the highest quality of work.
Once the photography in post production he can provide an excellent service of touch ups, or artistic backgrounds and 'mac' work.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Shelagh Pymm

Coastal Productions Ltd

Alan is a pure professional behind the lens and an asset to any production.

Coastal Productions

PDS Media

Having worked for many years with Alan on both sides of the journalism/PR world I admire his passion, his enthusiasm and his no-messing dedication to getting that big picture.

Recommend him? Without hesitation.

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